Yr Ysgol

Grab your rucksack, tie your shoelaces and zip up your coat because it’s time to explore our school!

This half term, we’ll find out how our school has changed over time, ask interesting questions to the longest-serving member of staff and listen carefully to the answers. To further our investigation, we’ll study maps and old photographs
to see if the school buildings have changed and take a tour of the school grounds to examine the trees that are growing there. We’ll listen to the special memories of people who came to our school in the past and compare our school to a Victorian school to see if life was different over 100 years ago. The question ‘Are all schools the same?’ will make us think and we’ll use Skype to talk to children from a different school to find out the answer. We’ll try different playtime games, write and perform a school song and use our artistic skills to create detailed drawings, maps and plans.

At the end of our project, we’ll think about how much we have achieved at school already, decide why our school is special and invite the headteacher to listen to our ideas.



Language, literacy and communication

Writing and asking questions, instructions, captions, reading familiar and unfamiliar texts

Mathematical development

Numbering and ordering, adding, halving

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity

School mottos and rules, communities, valuing their successes

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Comparing areas and communities through time, making and using maps and plans, timelines, the future

Physical development

Playtime games, measuring trees

Creative development

Singing familiar songs, observational drawing


Help your child prepare for their project

School days can be the most memorable time of our lives! Why not dig out some of your old school photographs and compare your experiences of school together? Alternatively, you could visit the local library and borrow storybooks about school to read together. You could also provide paper, pens, dressing up clothes and books to create a classroom role play area at home.