Sportswear Designers


On your marks, get set and design! This half term, we’ll visit a sportswear shop and investigate how sportswear is designed, made, sold and advertised. We’ll check out a range of sportswear websites and then design our own. Our science skills will be used to find out which fabrics stretch and which sports shoe soles grip the ground. We’ll investigate unusual sports and set ourselves a marathon challenge. Can anyone run the full 26 miles over the course of the half term? We’ll understand how music helps to advertise sportswear and learn how logos are recognised by millions of people around the world. We’ll pick apart items of sportswear to work out how they are made, before designing and making our own. Learning about healthy food and exercise will be fun as we try out healthy dishes and study the effects of exercise on our bodies. At the end of our project, we will share our learning with you. Our sportswear will be modelled at a school fashion show and we’ll share the results of our marathon challenge. We’ll also imagine interviewing our favourite sporting celebrity and look at the ethical issues surrounding the factories where many sportswear items are made.

Help your child prepare for their project There’s so much to learn about health, fitness, sports and design! Why not run, swim, walk or enjoy a fitness video together? You could also practice different stitches to create a stitched sportswear logo. Alternatively, find healthy recipes online and cook some new dishes to enjoy at family meal times.