Pupil Illness


If a child becomes ill or has an accident in school, we need to contact parents quickly. For this reason parents are required to provide the school with up-to-date home and emergency (work) telephone numbers and numbers of friends or relatives who are able to look after their children.

Children showing symptoms of sickness should be kept at home from school. It is also unwise to send a child back to school until he/she is completely recovered. If an illness is infectious, we ask parents to inform us immediately. If children are being treated with medicines or drugs which may affect their performance in school, it is vital that the school is informed.

Should injuries occur which require immediate medical treatment, parents are informed immediately and if necessary, the school will call the emergency services. In special circumstances, a member of the Senior Management may take a child to A & E, Glangwili Hospital, Carmarthen.

Teachers are advised by their unions NOT to administer medicines; however arrangements are made for Senior Staff to provide medication for chronic illnesses, in which case a medical plan is kept in school and continually revised by school, parents and medical services. Children should NEVER carry tablets or medicines to school.

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE SCHOOL IS INFORMED OF ANY ALLERGIES and we ask parents not to send  nuts in packed lunches as we are aware of pupils with nut intolerance.  Medical forms are completed for every child who uses an asthma pump and parents are asked to keep the school up-to-date regarding asthma medication.